Looking for a source of quality science information?  Look no further than this fantastic radio program! Radiolab! While it might not report breaking science news, it will definitely entertain and educate.

Each hour-long broadcast of this program, produced by public New York radio station, WNYC, explores a different topic concerning the human condition and life in general.  Generally they’re complicated, even abstract themes like “Stochasticity” and “Deception”.  Jon Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, the shows hosts, have a fantastic dynamic, making jokes and playing off each other while getting their points across.  During one show, “Numbers”, one host proposed that he could live just fine without numbers, saying to his co-host, “I have two words for you.”  To which the other responded, “How many words?”

Their guests include numerous scientists and science writers.  They seem to make an effort to carefully pick and choose great communicators who can really break down the often complex science.  I must admit, they aren’t always 100% infallible, being a nerdy scientist myself, I’ve occasionally noticed a teeny error here or there – but I stress very rarely.   I must warn you, sometimes they explore things that haven’t really been studied by scientists, and are only observations, many times by regular people.  However, even though they aren’t quite science, these diversions are sometimes the most interesting.  I find myself thinking things like, what if that is true?  Someone should really work on that.

The production of the show is absolutely phenomenal, barring one technical complaint I have.  The sound levels fluctuate a bit, sometimes leading to ear-cringingly loud surprises when I’ve turned the sound up to hear what was previously going on.  Although I really shouldn’t complain.  The show takes countless hours produce and includes sound effects, hilarious musical numbers written specifically for the show, and lots of interviews.  I absolutely love listening, and I hope you will too.  Check out some of my favorite episodes including “Parasites” and “Detective Stories”.  You can listen streaming, download the podcasts, or find out when your local public radio station plays the show.